From putting your business in writing, to making sure you have a failsafe plan to achieve your goals, Nexus is there for you. We help you forge essential connections with your community and build powerful messaging to keep support coming through the door.


 We bring your ideas and branding to a wide and supportive audience by ensuring you have a robust presence on the web. From your own page to social media platforms, you can count on us.


 Once we help create budgets for your goals, we utilize proven strategies to get them funded. From discovering and organizing your existing base of donors, planning events at any scale to bring in funds, to utilizing proprietary technology for street fundraising, we don’t let money constrain your big ideas.


We create a WINNING strategy.

We raise consistent funds, develop informational content, and streamline your organization's processes so you can focus on the mission of your organization, and worry less about the headache of getting there.



Nexus builds bridges.

We want to bridge the gap between your brilliant ideas and a strong development plan to sustain your project and achieve success. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization ourselves, our goal is to give your organization the same level of transparency you give us.

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