What we do.

We know that a successful philanthropic project is about having a great idea and flawlessly executing it. Our team specializes in outreach, organization, and creative development to help you help the most people. We create a winning strategy to raise consistent funds, develop and disperse informational content, and streamline your organization's processes so you can focus on the mission of your organization, and worry less about the headache of getting there.



We believe that, now more than ever, we need altruism to flourish, and we’d like to do our part by helping experts and innovators craft creative solutions to tackle society’s scariest problems.

While it is necessary that large non-profits tackle national, or even global, agendas, it is ultimately the organizations at the community level who can have the most immediate impact on people’s lives. This is who we are interested in.

We want to bridge the gap between your brilliant ideas and a strong development plan to sustain your project and achieve success. As a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization, ourselves, our goal is to give your organization the same level of transparency you give us. By connecting progressive innovators with our diverse team of passionate consultants, we hope to continue bridging the gap between experts and execution.


Founding Partners.


Chetan Hebbur
Co-Founder, Executive Director


Yash Ghanekar
Co-Founder, Director of Operations


Harry Kirk
Co-Founder, Director of Development


Members of the Board.

Catherine Ang
Director of Outreach

Ryan Hughes
Director of Political Coordination


Ehrland Hollingsworth
Director of Creative Content

Matt Bond
Director of Organizing



Matt Gmitro
Director of Technology

Sam Alleman
Director of Fundraising



Samuel Blackwood
Director of Communications

Steffi Porter
Director of Administration