We're here for you, from the start up paperwork to payroll. We help you create a realistic, forward-thinking plan, and match you with the resources you need to accomplish your goals. Don't worry, your project team is going to stick with you from beginning to end.



We believe in enriching the nonprofit experience by connecting your organization with leaders, businesses, and other nonprofits within your community. Our team is fully equipped to find you resources locally, while using technology to spread your influence far beyond the people around you.


Web design

First impressions are important, so at Nexus we make sure the first time somebody sees your site, it conveys the professionalism and quality of your idea.


multi-platform branding

We keep you current. Our team knows how to use social media and ad generation tools to target audiences who would love to get involved! We make sure that your messaging is clear, concise, and consistent.


monetize content

Our in-house cinematography and creative content teams know how to use the most current technology to turn your message into dollars for the cause. Build a stronger organization through Nexus’ web tools.



Let us help you maximize your existing network! We work with you to keep track of potential donors, grant applications, and opportunities to meet more supportive organizations and individuals within your community and around the country - starting with the network of existing nonprofits we work with.


Event planning

We cover every step of your fundraising journey - from your kickoff fundraiser, to routine meet and greets with supporters. We lift the burden of finding the venue, planning the event, and work with the hosts to ensure the highest possible level of contribution.



Using proprietary technology, we have the resources and trainers to build your on-the-street fundraising operation from the bottom up. This way you establish contact with a consistent flow of donors while increasing public awareness of your organization.