A 22 year old Texas native, Chetan took to activism post-undergrad by pushing a municipal, grassroots, millennial progressivism movement in his New York City neighborhood by running to be the youngest member of the NYC City Council. This led him to conceive NexusNYC in tandem with campaigning to mirror his campaign's goals, win or lose.

"What makes us different," he says, "is we hold ourselves to the same transparency standards as the organizations we are hired to help". This was the underlying reason the team decided to file as a 501(c)(3). "When you think of the nonprofit industry, most of us subconsciously jump to a group of monoliths. There is just no competition," he said. "Health issues are led by Red Cross. Water? Well that's Water.org's job. We ignore the smaller organizations with the most creative solutions just because they might not have the operational knowledge to run a business."

Chetan has remained adamant that social issues are better solved by the private sector than the public. "Governments, local and federal, have an incredible number of bureaucratic hurdles, systematically designed to disadvantage our most vulnerable neighbors," he argued, and witnessed first-hand during his candidacy.

In the face of turbulent times fueled by a federal government who doesn't care enough to treat disaster and inequality that persists today, it's imperative there open more, higher quality, opportunities for activism. "When the protests stop working, we cannot stop advocating," he says.