Our Philosophy

At NexusNYC we are the bridge between the altruism of New Yorkers and growing non-profits. 501(c)(3) organizations are the private sector’s response to social issues. However, without support networks, it is near impossible to compete with the giant non-profits that monopolize their sector. However, just as competition is good for the consumer, so is competition good for New Yorkers in need of support.


We ourselves are a non-profit, designed to assist exclusively other non-profits. Our aim is not to profit off your success, but help you make the most of your exceptional idea to help New Yorkers. In utilizing our services, you will take charge of your non profit and allow it do the most good it can do.


We transform ideas into an identity. Enjoy the breadth of our exclusive services and develop your practical expertise to compete in a changing world that now more than ever requires the goodwill and dedication of those willing to give their time and energy to an amazing cause.